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GlitchBreaks :: Sound Design

Sound Design

Daniel Myer from Haujobb / Architect / Destriod

Juan Espinosa from Cellmod

Isaac Glendening from Cesium 137

Alex Matheu from Negative Format / Distraub

Loopmasters : The Sample Boutique

Sunsine Audio


Sound Packs

GlitchLoops for Glitchbreaks now available from Sunsine.


We are pleased to premiere our first loop-pack intended for use with GlitchBreaks. Containing 49 high quality abstract 1 bar loops, this pack is designed for the glitchhead who can't get enough. Already glitchy in their nature these loops will send you spinning off into microcosms of uncontrolled electronic pleasure when paired with GlitchBreaks. Prepare to travel down the rabbit hole, and bring your headlamp because the journey will get dark, dirty and shocking!