Version 1.30-1.32

There is a serious issue with iOS 5 in these versions of Glitchbreaks. Version 1.33 is resolving this issue. Please if you have iOS 5 installed on your device, do not update to 1.30-1.32.

Version 1.21

I have seen some Appstore reviews about people crashing when loading presets, and I finally figured out what is going on. First of all, presets are designed for users to save their configurations, the app does not come with any initially. I will remedy this for the next version. The crash is occuring if you touch a sound to load, then select Load Preset, don't select a preset, then select Load Preset again. I am fixing this for the next version as well, and it will pop the message in the message window which asks you to select a preset to load.

Version 1.20

Turning MIDI off results in a crash. This has been fixed and submitted to the Appstore in version 1.21. I asked for an expedited review, let's hope Apple gives it to us.

Version 1.11

After installing if you try to load a preset when there are no presets, and hit load preset again with nothing selected a crash will occur. A workaround for this is to create a preset, once a preset is created no crash occurs.

Version 1.04.1

There is an issue with the Cut pad, while quantizing if you hold it down, then hit Loop Mod while it is held, then let go, it will still be cutting, and the Cut state will be backwards, selecting Glitch fixes this. - This issue has been fixed in 1.1.

Version 1.02

Currently no known issues.

Version 1.01

Selecting Audio Paste again directly after a paste.

After you audio paste a sound in, either to the file list by selecting audio paste again, or directly to a pad, if you select audio paste, then touch audio paste one more time with no file selected the app will crash.

The workaround currently is to select a file before tapping audio paste a second time.

(This issue has been addressed in 1.02)

Version 1.0

Audio Paste with Short Names

When using the Audio Paste feature, there is a known issue that is being addressed in version 1.01. if the name of the sound you are pasting is 3 characters or less it will crash the app on paste, a work around for this is to rename it when copying it, or use the General Pasteboard File location when pasting. 

This issue has been fixed in version 1.01

Quantize Does Not Have a Limit

The quantize control does not have a limit in place in version 1.0, if you take it ridiculously high, it will stop most of the features from working properly in the app.

This issue has been fixed in version 1.01

Submission Status

Version 1.01 is now available in the Appstore